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Bit holder for exchangeable bits with hexagonal drive

Reduce expenses for spareparts in the production


About Industrial Technique

At Atlas Copco Industrial Technique we create value for our customers with world-class innovative technologies and solutions for manufacturing. Products built to last, long-term thinking, ergonomics and quality – a responsible company working for a sustainable future.


Technical specifications Bit holder for hex bits Bit holder for hex bits Bit holder for hex bits
  4027123510 4027163511 4027153511
Input size 9.5 mm 25.4 mm 19 mm
Output size 11 mm 22 mm 22 mm
Output diameter D 22 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Input diameter d 22 mm 54 mm 44 mm
Length L 32 mm 70 mm 60 mm
Weight g 70 770 530
Pin and O-Ring Ref. X T U
Cat. Page 37 37 37

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