Automated operations significantly increases safety and productivity.

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Increased safety and time efficency

Automated operations significantly increases safety and productivity and renders more accurate decisions that enables operations to function more effectively and that responds to business changes better.

Improved information integration

Automation gives improved information integration, visualization and control of operations.

Customized automation solutions

We offer a range of partner services, from audits to network support and project management. Together, we can develop strategies to meet and exceed your goals for profit, safety and sustainability.

6th Sense – the digital path for whole of system integration in mining, quarrying and tunneling.

Automation and digitalization are the future of the mining industry. But automation is not just about remote controlled machines without operators. It´s about system integration.

With the new digital path 6th Sense, we now offer both smart, connected products – and the knowledge, tools and partners to get all your systems connected. With 6th Sense you can take control of your whole operation in a completely new way, providing increased safety, increased predictability and increased productivity.

With 6th Sense we integrate equipment, services and automation with advanced analytics and management systems. The digital path of four levels of integration, 6th Sense makes it possible for you to move to autonomous according to your own special conditions, requests and needs. Atlas Copco is your reliable partner in your journey through the different levels of integration.