Introducing Powerbit. A new power in tophammer surface drilling.

Ngày 10 tháng 6 năm 2016

Powerbit is the all new range of tophammer drill bits for surface drilling from Atlas Copco Secoroc. They’re built to take on any rock, from hard to soft, and from abrasive to non-abrasive. These bits last much longer. They give drillers more meters before the first regrind, and many more meters between regrinds. With Powerbit, drillers are guaranteed to get more performance from each bit.

Greatly increased service life

The development engineers have looked at all aspects of drill bit technology to ensure the longest possible service life for Powerbit. The bit shape is entirely new and the bit body steel is harder and stronger. Moreover, the new button technology is so effective that it is patented many times over. The previous semi-ballistic buttons have now been replaced with Atlas Copco Secoroc’s unique, patented Trubbnos shaped buttons. In addition the patented Enduro Extra surface treatment gives outstanding strength in all types of rock. So far, Powerbit has been put through more than 20 series of test at 13 test sites all over the world. A total of more than 50 km has been drilled in a great variety of rock conditions. At these sites, service life is up to 20 % better than the competition and the penetration rate is up to 10 % more effective than other leading bits on the market.

Easy bit selection

Extensive experience, together with thorough research, simulation and testing, have allowed Atlas Copco Secoroc to make the Powerbit range much more compact and versatile than before. There are now approximately 30% fewer bits in the range for tophammer rock drilling applications – making bit choice so much easier.

An unbeatable drill string

Atlas Copco Secoroc is known for the quality of its tophammer shank adapters and drill rods. A tried and tested combination of material choice, heat treatment, and the unique T-WiZ threads, means high up-time and effective drilling. With the launch of Powerbit, drillers now have a top-of-the line range of drill bits to match. Tests show that these bits work extremely well in any rock formation, and they outperformed the competing bits on all test sites.

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Johan Thenor, Product Line Manager Tophammer and Handheld, Atlas Copco Secoroc
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Ivan Hadjiev, Global Product Manager Tophammer, Atlas Copco Secoroc
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