SpeedCut 100

Diamond wire cutting machine for marble, granite, sandstone and limestone

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Fastest diamond wire cutting machine on the market

Full control of your productivity

The PMI controls both inverters (retraction/speed control) and the load cell. It keeps a constant tension on the diamond wire regardless of external circumstances such as water flow, non-homogenous materials or a fall in electric tension.

Cuts a perfectly smooth face

SpeedCut creates a perfectly smooth face of the block. It is capable of cutting both vertical and horizontal. SpeedCut’s main flywheel can be rotated 320°. It can make parallel cuts with a maximum distance of two meters without repositioning

Highest cutting capacity

The combination of the 8-pole motor and the special software developed for SpeedCut is the key to reach maximum performance and get the wire up to speeds at 45m/s.

Product description

SpeedCut, the fastest diamond wire cutting machine on the market is a high productivity product for the dimension stone industry. As the fastest machine of its kind, SpeedCut enables you to cut at speeds up to 45 m/s. A unique, patented wire tensioning system makes it possible to combine high cutting speed with low wire consumption by utilizing load cells technique.

Quick facts

Technical data

Main application area

Dimension stone industry ; Civil engineering

Cutting method

Diamond wire cutting

Electrical power needed

153 kW

Variable speed


Linear speed

0 m/s - 45 m/s

Flywheel diameter

1 000 mm
Transport dimensions


Case video: SpeedCut 100 in Brazil

See how the SpeedCut 100 makes a real difference for Gramazini, a 25-year old dimension stone company in Brazil.

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