Powerful face drill

The Boomer XL3 D is a three-boom pilot-hydraulic controlled face drill rig mainly applied in tunneling and hydroelectric power developments.

Efficient service

Minimal electrical parts and easy access to all service points make maintenance and troubleshooting easy, increasing rig uptime.

Safer operation

Even in very tough underground environments, the operator will be more comfortable and more productive.

Extra large drill

The Boomer XL3 D is a robust three-boom face drill rig providing an extra-large coverage of 178 m2 with the boom BUT 35L. The upward moving X-style boom bracket can reach higher. The FAMIII option allows quick positioning and more precise holes. Operators are assured a good line of sight with the adjustable operation platform. Designed to reduce labor costs while increasing productivity, the hard working Boomer XL3 D is an excellent investment for large scale underground operations.