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See the product in action - Oil and gas drilling

Here's the setup process of Atlas Copco's Predator Drilling System designed to drill to depths of 10,000 feet in oil and gas applications. For more information, visit

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Integrated package with three components

Mobile drill rig, substructure and rig support system, pipe handling skate

Greater automation

provides for less manual labor

Hands-free breakout and pipe handling

contribute to a safer working environment

The Predator drilling system is a unique package that applies innovation and proven new technology to exploration and production drilling.

With a thirty-year history and an experience-base of over three hundred rigs in the global oil patch, Atlas Copco’s PREDATOR brings a new generation of design that reduces non-drilling time and cost, improves performance and energy efficiency and enhances safety. With its 220,000 pounds of hookload, PREDATOR has the strength and capacity to drill vertical, directional and horizontal wells to depths of approximately 8,000 feet in today’s global oil, CBM and natural gas basins.

  • Mast and substructure certified to API 4-F, 4th Edition.
  • Handles Range II or Range III casing
  • Clearance for up to a compact 11 in / 280 mm BOP stack
  • CANbus drilling control and diagnostic system
  • Handles Oil field external upset ”Bottleneck” drill pipe: 3 ½” to 5” OD, Range 2 and Range 3

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    Technical Specifications Imperial Metric
    Pullback (Hook load) 200000 lbf  890 kN 
    Pulldown 50000 lbf  220 kN 
    Torque, Range 1 30000 lbf  130 kN 
    At speed 0 - 90 rpm  0 - 90 rpm 
    Torque, Range 2 15000 lbf  65 kN 
    At speed  0 - 180 rpm  0 - 180 rpm 
    Compressor Offboard  Offboard 
    Air piping 3000 psi  205 bar 
    Mud piping 3000 psi  205 bar 
    Deck engine 950 HP  950 HP 
    Carrier  Custom tridem chassis, Hydrostatic drive  Custom tridem chassis, Hydrostatic drive 
    Carrier weight (GVWR)*  113000 lb  51250 kg 
    Nominal depth range** 8000 ft 2435 m