Excellent serviceability

Large decking and easy access to components make service easy.

Small footprint

The small footprint of the DM30 II makes it easy to maneuver on tight benches and simple to transport over the road between pits.

Robust I-beam frame

A robust frame for heavy duty operation.

Look to the DM series of drills for the best value in quality, productivity and reliability to achieve your blasthole drilling objectives.

• High quality at an excellent value sets the DM30 II apart from other drills in its class.

• A spacious one piece FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) rated cab with electric over hydraulic controls that are common with the DM series makes it easy to operate, especially for drillers who have experience in other DM series machines.

• The DM30 II is designed for mining and the structural components will hold up to the heavy duty cycles required in a mining drill.

• For single pass applications the DM30 II can achieve a clean hole depth of 7.9m (26 ft) and for multi pass depth can achieve depths of up to 44.5m (146 ft).

• The DM30 II compact design allows for easy transport between benches or even between mine properties.


Technical Specifications Imperial Metric
Product series DM series DM series
Drilling method Rotary and DTH - Multi pass Rotary and DTH - Multi pass
Hole diameter 5 1/2 - 7 7/8 in 140 - 200 mm
Hydraulic pulldown 30000 lbf 133 kN
Hydraulic pullback 10000 lbf 44 kN
Weight on bit 30000 lb 13600 kg
Single pass depth 26 ft 7.9 m
Maximum hole depth 146 ft 44.5 m
Estimated weight  70000 lb 31.75 t