The powerpack maximizes mechanical efficiency

and isolates the components from drilling and propelling shock loads. High pressure compressors for efficient DTH drilling

Tower pinning is performed remotely

from within the operator's cab

The cab design allows a direct line of sight

from the operator's seat to the drill table


Technical Specifications Imperial Metric
Product series Mid-range drilling rigs Mid-range drilling rigs
Drilling method Rotary and DTH - Multi pass Rotary and DTH - Multi pass
Hole diameter 5 5/8 - 9 7/8 inch 143 - 251 mm
Hydraulic pulldown 30000 lbf 133 kN
Hydraulic pullback 22000 lbf 97 kN
Weight on bit 30000 lb 13600 kg
Single pass depth 22.5 ft  6.8 m 
Single pass depth, option 27.5 ft 8.4 m
Maximum hole depth 147.5 ft 45 m
Maximum hole depth, option  177.5 ft 54.1 m
Estimated weight 58000 lb 26 t