Lowest possible fuel consumption and highest possible fuel efficiency

FlexiROC T45 only uses the exact amount of energy that the work demands. This means that the engine and compressor always works on lowest possible rpm which saves fuel.

Continuously delivers results due to robust hydraulics and reliable control system

The FlexiROC T45 is designed and constructed for high performance in construction work. It is also an efficient alternative for medium size open pit mines.

High availability guaranteed thanks to the dependable construction

FlexiROC T45 has 50% fewer hoses and 70% fewer couplings. This construction reduces the risk for leakage and because hydraulic functions and electronic modules are located in proximity to their function, the components are easier to get at for maintenance.

Product description

FlexiROC T45 is a flexible and versatile tophammer drill rig, developed and designed for high performance in demanding construction applications. It’s also a very efficient alternative for aggregate and limestone quarries. Field studies show that it uses up to 50% less fuel than its predecessor. The key to this fuel efficiency is a rig that only uses the amount of energy the work demands. The proven platform guarantees high availability, a wide range of use for big and small jobs alike as well as a cabin with the operator in mind.

Quick facts

Technical data

Main application area

Mining ; Quarrying

Drilling method


Hole diameter

89 mm - 140 mm

Product family




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

COP 2560+ ; COP 3060

Rotary head


Maximum hole depth

36 m


242 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

223 l/s


Product variations applies, see brochure for full overview
Transport dimensions