PowerROC T25 DC

Surface drill rig for construction and civil engineering, as well as small aggregate quarries

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Fast penetration rate results in more meters per liter and greater cost efficiency

The new RD 14S rock drill and high FAD compressor gives sufficient power and great penetration rates.

Minimized number of electrical parts for easy service and low maintenance cost

Minimized electrical parts increase reliability for longer service intervals which reduce maintenance cost.

Great maneuverability in narrow and rough terrain

The compact design gives PowerROC T25 DC outstanding maneuverability, even in rough terrain.

Product description

The PowerROC T25 DC is a tophammer drill rig with a well proven design. The straightforward hydraulic direct control makes drilling easier and maintenance less complicated.

Quick facts

Technical data

Main application area

Quarrying ; Civil engineering

Drilling method


Hole diameter

51 mm - 89 mm

Product family




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

RD14 S

Maximum hole depth

18,3 m


119 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

101.0 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions