SmartROC D60

Surface drill rig for aggregate and limestone quarries, surface mining and construction

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Smart is the new robust

Rugged and functional design for high availability and flexibility

The SmartROC D60 comes with a robust feed with inbuilt sensors in the rod handling cylinders and the carousel motor. This means fewer breakdowns and more reliable rod handling.

Fuel savings thanks to intelligent control of compressor load and engine rpm

Thanks to the Rig Control System, RCS, substantial fuel savings become a reality. The RCS system features automatic control of compressor load and engine RPM on demand.

Consistent productivity through automated drilling and rod handling

The SmartROC D60 is highly automated and drills the holes on its own. It adds rods automatically and extracts them when the desired depth is reached. This provides consistency to the operation and the rig is less dependent on the operator.

Product description

A smart drilling solution, built on a robust and trustworthy platform. That's the core of the SmartROC D60 down-the-hole drill rig. Mining and quarrying today require both intelligence and muscles. Thanks to the rugged design, the SmartROC D60 makes the job easy, even when the going gets tough. Featuring smart functions for fuel savings and efficient drilling, the rig is engineered for lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).

Quick facts

Technical data

Main application area

Mining ; Quarrying

Drilling method


Hole diameter

110 mm - 178 mm

Product family




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

4" ; 5" ; 6"

Rotary head

DHR6 H 45 ; DHR6 H 56 ; DHR6 H 68 ; DHR6 H 78

Maximum hole depth

55,5 m


354 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

0 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions