SmartROC D65

Surface down-the-hole drill rig for limestone and aggregate quarries, selective mining, construction and open pit mining

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SmartROC D65


The Mining Mastermind

Supports your ambitions in the total mining process

Designed with leading-edge automation technology SmartROC D65 uses both brains and power to drill production blast, pre-split and buffer holes, as well as in-pit grade control with reverse circulation

Minimizes non-drilling time

SmartROC D65 minimizes your non-drilling time with the Hole Navigation System (HNS), the intelligent option that permits a faster setup so you can get right down to effective, high-precision drilling in any weather condition.

Boosts operator productivity

The SmartROC D65 is highly automated and drills the holes on its own. It adds rods automatically and extracts them when the desired depth is reached. This provides consistency to the operation.

Product description

SmartROC D65 is a down-the-hole drill rig that turns your mining vision into reality. It is ideal for both mining and large quarries. Thanks to its leading-edge automation, operator productivity is increased and your business will profit from its added intelligence. With Atlas Copco’s Hole Navigation System (HNS), planning and control is vastly improved. And because the entire drill cycle is automated, drilling times are maximized and the life of consumables lengthened.

Quick facts

Technical data

Main application area


Drilling method


Hole diameter

110 mm - 203 mm

Product family




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

4" ; 5" ; 6"

Rotary head

DHR6 H 45 ; DHR6 H 56 ; DHR6 H 68 ; DHR6 H 78

Maximum hole depth

55,5 m


403 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

470 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions