Features for your selected medium or heavy hydraulic breaker

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How to install a hydraulic breaker

With this new video, we are introducing the way from delivery of a breaker to the first application.
The video is especially intended to remind the safety instructions when using or maintaining a breaker.
We show daily maintenance, exchange of working tools, installation on the carrier and many more necessary steps.


Adaptable, efficient and performing

StartSelect, Air inlet, ContiLube TM II, wide range of working tools, EnergyRecovery, hybrid technology, AutoControl, internal control valve

High durability

DustProtector II, ContiLube TM II, PowerAdapt, StartSelect, percussion chamber ventilation, vibration damping tie rods, double tool retainer bars, Hardox reinforced breaker box, rock claws

Low noise and vibration

VibroSilences Plus, EnergyRecovery, hybrid technology


The piston recoil energy is automatically utilized to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input and to lower vibrations.


Built-in overload protection valve shuts off the hydraulic breaker when operating pressure is not in line with specifications thus protecting it from costly downtimes and repairs.