SC 6200 hydraulic shear for excavators

For carriers of 30-75 tons

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SC 6200


Excavator steel cutters

For industrial demolition and scrap yards. Ideal solution for any dimensions.

Hungry for steel

Special jaw design that forces the material deep into the jaw where our steel cutter delivers the highest power

Headpiece and slewing ring

Strong rotating headpiece with high torque and over-dimensioned double-rowed slewing ring.

Replaceable blades

Cutting knives can be replaced, nose knives are completely encased.

Optimum oil flow

Double hose connection on the swivel and large diameter of hoses, bores and pipes.

Fast closing cycle

A speed valve supports fast closing cycles and effortless switch from speed to power mode.

Strong and durable

Cutter body consists of high-grade and wear-resistant material, which makes it so long-lasting.

SC 6200 R

Weights and dimensions

Carrier weight, boom mounted

30 t - 55 t

Carrier weight, stick mounted

50 t - 75 t

Service weight

6 860 kg

Jaw opening, max

782 mm

Jaw depth

701 mm
Technical specifications