Scooptram ST7LP

6.8 metric tonne underground low profile loader

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Tough low profile loader

The Scooptram ST7LP is a sturdy, low profile underground loader. A short yet powerful frame and long wheelbase make this loader easy to maneuver in difficult low-seam applications.

Practical standard features

Standard features like load-sensing hydraulics, automatic transmission, speed limiter and traction control make your operations safe and more efficient with less effort.

Comfortable workspace

In the air-conditioned cabin, every inch of space is maximized for freedom of movement, which helps reduce operator fatigue and boost productivity.

Maximum low-seam productivity

The low-profile Scooptram ST7LP is a 6.8 metric tonne underground loader built for low-seam applications. Operators can achieve more in the comfortable and safe cabin standardly equipped with automatic forward and reverse cameras. To keep your loader running strong, the Rig Control System provides clear diagnostics and performance data. Service points are easily accessible, making daily maintenance quick, safe and efficient. You can rely on the Scooptram ST7LP to produce more tonnes per hour in low-profile mines.


Technical specifications
  • Scooptram ST7LP Technical specification 966 kB, PDF