High capacity

With high ramp speeds and a 54-tonne haulage capacity, the Minetruck MT54 offers increased productivity

Strong and robust

Minetruck MT54 is powerful and reliable,
yet slightly more compact than our larger Minetruck MT65 to bear a heavy load in more restricted spaces

Comfortable in the long run

Great steering feel, front-axle suspension system, comfortable seat, ergonomic controls and low noise levels make this truck comfortable to operate for long periods

Designed to ramp up productivity

Minetruck MT54 is a modern underground truck with a load capacity of 54 metric tonnes. It is a powerhouse designed for fast, productive haulage in substantial mining and construction operations where navigation through narrower tunnels is required. With smart systems and robust components, Minetruck MT54 ensures productivity, reliability, operator safety and comfort along with ease of maintenance.