Driven by electricity

The Scooptram EST1030's cable-supplied electric drive eliminates diesel emissions and minimizes the need for ventilation.

Flexible and sustainable

The Scooptram EST1030's low tension cable control system reduces cable wear and lowers operational costs.

Superior operator comfort

This loader is equipped with an ergonomically designed operator compartment for unparalleled productivity in any underground mine.

Robust electric loader

The Scooptram EST1030 is a fast, electrically powered loader with a 10 tonne capacity for unparalleled productivity in mining operations. With its durable, easy-fill bucket, this loader is designed to work hard and last over the long haul. Even in the toughest underground environments, the operator enjoys a quiet, ergonomically designed cabin with safe, easy access to all service points. Standardized parts and components mean spare parts are easily obtainable to keep your Scooptram EST1030 in top running condition anywhere in the world.