Mobile Miner 22H

Safer and more productive with continuous mining and tunneling.

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Revolutionary technique

With mechanical rock excavation there is no need for drill and blast. Elimination of explosives provide a safer, more productive and predictable 24/7 operation.

Possible to work in new locations

Mining in areas were blasting entails a risk for triggering seismic activities is now possible with Mobile Miner 22H.

Selective mining

The selective mining technique of Mobile Miner 22H gives you no overbreak and no underbreak. The machine can follow the ore body which results in better tunnel quality.

Precise mechanical rock excavation

Mobile Miner 22H is a powerful mechanical rock excavation machine. The H indicates horizontal placement of the cutter head. It is typically used in low seam or low profile mining when you need a tunnel as low as 2,2 meters. The capacity of Mobile Miner 22H is 10-12 m/day advance depending on rock type.