Diamond and tungsten carbide tools

Each core drilling bit covers a wide range of applications which means that fewer bit types are needed.

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Optimized bit matrices and crown profiles

We engineered new matrices and optimized crown profiles by calculating the right balance between variables with exceptional penetration rates, as well as extended service life in the toughest of drilling conditions. At the same time we tested new materials to bring bit performance to a higher level. The latest result of such testing is our new Azure matrix, proven to drill exceptionally well through the entire range of medium to hard formations.

Improved performance for reaming shells

Our re-engineered heavy duty (HD) reaming shell gained new grounds with extended service life and improved material quality. The reaming shell serves as an important back up for the coring bit. By using the reaming shell you avoid having your drill string stuck in the hole or having to ream out the hole after bit change. The new HD shell proves it quality even when used in the most challenging ground conditions.

Terracore – economical alternative to our premium impregnated drill bits

In some cases our customers don't need a top of the line drill bit. This is especially true when they have to drill in extremely tough conditions, in shallow depths where ground abrasion can destroy which ever bit they use. For such situations we offer our Terracore core drilling bit, an economical version of our diamond impregnated drill bit. The other option for drilling in soft ground is our tungsten carbide bit.

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