Secoroc COP RC45

Smaller, lighter, faster.

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We give you Secoroc COP RC45


Smaller, lighter, faster

The Secoroc COP RC45 reverse circulation hammer features a revolutionary new design. It's 40 % shorter than the nearest competitor. And shorter means less weight. The COP RC45 is more than 30 % lighter than most hammers doing the same job.

High frequency

The COP RC45 has a unique air chamber design. Much smaller chambers build up pressure faster and makes the piston strike at a much faster rate. The result is marginally lower impact energy and leads to a great increase in power output and a sizeable improvement in penetration rate.

Efficient sampling

The COP RC45 features Secoroc's unique tube retention system. This design makes it easy to service and replace tubes since you don't have to disassemble the hammer. Quite simply this means minimum down-time and maximum time producing samples.