Reamers and stems

Match your equipment with Atlas Copco Secoroc tools.

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A wide range of sizes

Atlas Copco Secoroc raisebore reaming systems covers a wide range of sizes from the integral 70 centimeter to 8 meter diameter modular designs.

Custom designed

Our products are designed in consultation and feedback from customers to provide designs that are ridged, versatile and easy to service.

Reliability and flexibility

Matching Atlas Copco Secoroc reamer designs with the best cutters in the industry make Secoroc the perfect blends of reliability, flexibiliy and serviceability, but the best is yet to come.

Boxhole reamers

Atlas Copco Secoroc robust and well-designed boxhole reamers are popular among raise drillers around the world. The boxhole boring application tend to be more site and machine specific than other raiseboring applications due to the reamer being pushed upwards from the machine. Safe handling of equipment and muck in this application is key to success. Our boxhole reamers are designed for with the keys to success in mind for boxhole applications.

Down reamers

Typical down reaming sizes are up to 1,2 m in diameter. This is the largest size to pass through the work table of most raisedrills equipped to down ream. In the down reaming method the pilot hole is completed followed by a subsequent reaming cycle. All from the upper level, and the cuttings passes through the pilot hole to the lower level. Our range of down reamers are designed to ease the evacuation of cuttings even at lower angles as this is key for effectiveness of the boring process.

Conventional reamers

Conventional raiseboring is making up the majority of the raised shafts done worldwide. Our range of reamers cover everything from the lowest running cost integral, low profile reamers to complex modular reaming systems where design focus has been on serviceability and user-friendliness. So whether you are facing dimensional limitations, weight restrictions or have application specific needs. Chances are that we already have the right equipment designed.

Hole openers

The need for enlarging raise drilled pilot holes is mostly common in mining applications where you would want to install utility lines or pumping paste in cut and fill operations. Our range of hole openers end at 0,7 m. For larger dimensions the standard type of reamers with cutters take over. The hole openers are typically equipped with bit thirds. A bit third is literally a third of a pilot bit, machined in such a way that it can be bolted or welded onto the hole opener body. Depending on design, three to six bit thirds make up the cutting structure of the hole opener. The bit thirds used, come from our standard pilot bit offering in the size range 9” up to 17 ½”. Thus having cutting structure hardness's ranging from IADC 6-1 up to 8-3. For specific applications we make them with random cutting structure. A raise drilled pilot hole can be opened up in any direction, pushed or pulled.


As a connector between the reamer and drillstring, the stem has the most grueling task in the raiseboring system. Transferring machine thrust and torque to the cutting face of the reamer. While at the same time handling bending forces fed back from the same. Choices of material, surface treatments and flex zones to mitigate risks are all designed into our stems.