Dependable concrete spraying

The Meyco ME5 is designed for concrete spraying in large tunneling and mining projects, featuring a sturdy carrier with single-wheel drive.

Maximizing uptime

Onboard diagnostics make proactive maintenance easy, while features like custom operator profiles reduce downtime between shift changes.

Safe shotcrete sprayer

Features like under-dosage prevention, a fail-safe conveying system and hopper screen emergency-stop increase operator safety.

Large-scale concrete sprayer

Built for concrete spraying for large tunnels, the Meyco ME5 takes precision spraying to the next level. An enhanced boom and pump assure less rebound, resulting in less waste. Higher dosing accuracy together with constant concrete flow improves the final concrete quality. A dedicated air compressor optimizes capacity, while the flow meter and rotor/stator-pump enables constant volume adjustment, giving you both power and flexibility when you need it.


Technical specifications