Versatile spray pumps

The Meyco SE14/20/30 are compact wet-mix concrete spray pumps for medium-to-large underground mining and tunneling operations.

Boosting your production

The onboard Meyco Data system stores easy-to-access performance data, giving you the insight you need to increase efficiency in your project.

Accurate concrete sprayers

Constant concrete flow spray technology and a precise dosing system help you spray concrete underground evenly, accurately and safely.

Quality concrete underground

The Meyco SE14/20/30 has been expertly designed to distribute medium-to-large volumes of concrete quickly and evenly. This spray pump has an integrated Total Dosing Control (TDC) and patented push-over system to minimize pulsation for a steady, even flow of concrete. The integrated programmable control system supervises, coordinates and controls all machine functions. The Meyco SE14/20/30 fulfill all the demands required of a high-quality concrete sprayer: ease of operation, total control, and the production of a nice, even protective layer of concrete.