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LB 300 – High pressure meets superior quality

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Low total cost of ownership

Reliable performance

LB 300 – High pressure meets superior quality

LB 300 Booster
Some air and industrial gas applications require extra high pressure. However, it would be inefficient to design the entire system to provide that high pressure if it is only needed some of the time or if most applications don’t need it at all. That’s why a booster is a valuable addition to a compressed air system: it provides that extra high pressure specifically when it is needed. And none is better than the LB 300 booster from Atlas Copco. It keeps your costs down, reliably delivers high-pressure air or nitrogen and is quiet, which means greater installation flexibility.

A quality booster

LB 300 Booster
Atlas Copco’s trademark low cost of ownership, reliability and ingenuity are reflected in the LB 300 booster. Low cost of ownership
  • The IE3 motor of the LB 300 and its self-tensioning V-belt offer high energy efficiency and low operating costs.
  • No-wear piston rings and corrosion-proof cooler pipes reduce the need for maintenance.
Supreme reliability
  • The LB 300 is suitable for continuous operation.
  • Get top-quality air and nitrogen thanks to the LB 300’s integrated oil-water separators and filter system.
  • An automatic condensate drain minimizes pressure losses and noise levels.
Silent operation
  • The LB 300 is built to run quietly so that you can set it up in more places.
  • With a soundproof design and thanks to the separation of compression block and motor, its low-vibration operation gives you added installation flexibility and protects your team.

Get the boost that is right for you

A booster is all about the efficiency of your system, so it only makes sense that you have multiple options to choose from to get the one that meets your needs.

That is why the LB 300 comes in different sizes with a capacity from 200 to 830 l/min – all of which feature a maximum operating pressure of up to 300 bar.

So check out the available models and find the LB 300 that is right for you.

Technical specifications
Power 7-20 HP
Intake pressure 2-11 bar
Max. operating pressure 300 bar
FAD 475 - 830 l/min
Speed 850-1530 rpm
Noise pressure level (LpA) 70 - 75 dBa

LB 300 – High pressure meets superior quality

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