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CO2 removal unit

For applications requiring dry and CO2 free air, our CO2 removal unit protects your compressed air process and maintains the quality of your end product.

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Protect your compressed air systems and processes from CO2

Purified air protects your processes and increases your end product reliability

Maintain the quality of your end product

  • by removing carbon dioxide from compressed air down to 10 ppm or 1 ppm 
  • by removing moisture from compressed air below 0.5 ppm (-70°C/-70°F)

Rely on our proven drying and purification technology

All our compressed air purifiers are designed to perform in the most energy-efficient and ecological way, and thus contributing to a reduced carbon footprint

Why do we need to remove CO2 from the compressed air?

CO2 in the compressed air isn’t harmful to the majority of the applications. Some applications however do require very dry and CO2-free air. In those applications, where both pollutants aren’t removed from the compressed air used, it can have serious consequences for the quality of the end product. Some examples are

  •  CO2 negatively influences the lifetime and quality of chemical raw materials for example used in lithium battery cells
  • In the industrial gas industry, when air is separated into the air gases nitrogen, oxygen and argon, CO2 freezes in the cold box of an air separation unit. This obstructs the separation of the air gases causing production losses and downtime. 
  • Instruments in the laboratory environment need purified air to be able to give reliable and constant measurement results. Moisture and CO2-free air can replace the more expensive lab gases used such as oxygen or nitrogen cylinders. 

How to remove CO2 from the air?

We offer dedicated CO2 removal units with a proven design similar to our desiccant air dryers design. CO2 removal units are filled with a zeolite specifically designed to remove CO2 below 10ppm or 1 ppm.

Our CO2 removal units are qualified for indoor and outdoor use and are made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

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Industries requiring dry and CO2 free air