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Air treatment SDR membrane dryers

SDR filter
SDR membrane dryers with pre-filter remove oil, particles and moisture from the compressed air, ensuring the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss for the highest efficiency. Available for the whole product range of Atlas Copco’s mobility compressors. Designed to operate inside the compressor package but also as stand-alone unit.

Tailored performance

Let us know your inlet compressed air flow and operating temperature gradients and we will pick from our range of calibrated nozzles the exact match to deliver you optimum drying performance while maintaining the lowest purge loss possible. Compared to a similar desiccant dryer, the purge loss is 2 to 6% lower.

Extreme reliability

Our SDR air dryers for railway are made to perform in harsh conditions. Remain fully functional in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +50°C

Compact and light

SDR is so compact and light it can be fully integrated in your compressor unit. Our railway air dryers are designed for the highest possible efficiency. They ensure the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss:

  • Railway-certified solenoid, optimized nozzle
  • Customized pressure dew point suppression
  • Fire and smoke resistant shell
  • Air treatment CDR Desiccant air dryers

    The cost of bad quality air is well known to train services operators and maintenance shops. Polluted and wet air can involve high damage and costs to your air network and brake system. Our range of air filtration and drying systems remove oil, dust and moisture from the compressed air with class-leading performance to protect your equipment and air brake network. Our portfolio covers the needs of every Mobility vehicle from tramways to heavy-duty locomotives with service proven and innovative solutions. Our CDR desiccant air dryers remove moisture from compressed air in their own way to protect your compressor or equipment. Based on our patented Cerades™ desiccant blocks, our CDR offer high energy efficiency and extended maintenance cycles compared to desiccant beads. Our dryers are suitable for air deliveries from 360 to 1600 l/min.

    Ingenious design

    CDR M2
    Instead of forcing the compressed air through thousands of beads, Cerades™ allows it to flow through straight, structured tubes. Because the air meets little resistance, the pressure drop is much lower and, as a result, a lot less energy is required to operate the dryer. But the sharply reduced costs are just one benefit.

    A better, safer dryer

    When compressed air is pushed through traditional dryers, the desiccant beads bounce around and ultimately decompose. This creates a fine dust. If it is not filtered out, it can contaminate the air and downstream equipment. Filtering it out, on the other hand, results in higher operating costs and more waste. In addition, this dust is a health and environmental hazard because it circulates in the ambient air when the desiccant is replaced and can harm service technicians and the operating personnel alike. Cerades™ lasts much longer and eliminates the dust problem. This further reduces costs and delivers users ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 2 air purity for particles without any extra filtration.

    A more compact design and greater versatility

    The lack of loose, bouncing beads also makes Cerades™ vibration-resistant, which allows it to be mounted horizontally and ensures continuous operation in rigorous applications, making it an ideal match for Railway and Mobility applications. In addition, because it can handle inlet temperatures of up to 70°C, Cerades™ is the ideal desiccant for high ambient or inlet temperatures. Desiccant dryers provide you with the clean, dry air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product. All air dryers incorporate unique, patented technology and energy-saving options. They are available
  • In a range of sizes
  • With a pressure dewpoint as low as -40°C/-40°F
  • From 360 to 1600 l/min
  • In an IP65 protected cubicle
  • Air treatment

    DDR/PDR Railway Compressed Air Filters

    Comprehensive range

    Our air filtration systems include a comprehensive range of water separators, oil and dust filters and oil separation device available for a wide range of compressed air flows. Our WSDR water separators are used to remove the liquid water generated by compression and cooling of the compressed air. 99.9% of the liquid water is eliminated by our water separators. Our range of DDR, PDR and UDR oil and dust filters remove contaminants from the compressed air. They acheive a filtration quality of Class 1 for oil and dust according to ISO 8573-1 and provide clean air to ensure your downstream drying equipment will work for long and flawlessly.

    Safeguarding the environment

    Tighter environmental regulations ask Mobility solution providers to avoid polluting the environment with oil and harmful deposits coming from the compressor operation. Our filters can be supplied with a condensate treatment device that will separate the oil from the water coming from the filters, letting only clean water out in the environment.

    Air filtration and drying solutions

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