Save costs and increase your machine’s profitability

Optimize performance levels by detecting a problem at an early stage

Avoid hidden surprises and optimize performance levels

The Inspection Plan is an equipment audit performed by a service technician. After the inspection visit, you receive a detailed report on the status of your equipment and a checklist with recommendations. These will make it easy to plan ahead for any repairs. If necessary, additional support will be proposed for any subsequent improvements or maintenance required to put your portable compressor, generator or pump back in top condition.

With an Inspection Plan, you upscale your maintenance planning with additional inspections from certified Atlas Copco technicians, who are experts on Atlas Copco machines. The Inspection Plan complements your own maintenance capabilities: an expert comes in for inspections and difficult repairs, and you manage your day-to-day maintenance to maximize total cost of ownership. 

What’s included in an Inspection Plan?

Construction Technique Service
Diagnostics report
  • A detailed analysis of your machine, with a checklist of recommendations for maintenance and repairs.
  • After each inspection, advice on system improvements, based on the comprehensive diagnostics report.
  • Result? Greater equipment reliability for maximum productivity, thanks to regular follow-up by the experts.
Labor and travel A fixed annual fee for performing the inspections, including:
  • All travel costs for on-site work included.
  • Certified and trained technician to perform the work.