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3 reasons to test your tools

Auditing joints is essential. But there is another way to improve quality in a manufacturing plant: tool inspections.

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Tool inspections - or tool validations - are important in at least 3 moments of a tools life:

  1. When a new tool is purchased
  2. When a tool is used online
  3. After a tool is repaired

When a tool is purchased, a Cm/Cmk test can be used to assess the tool performance and help you to which application you can assign the tool to. High Cm/Cmk values would make a tool perfect for safety applications.

Lower Cm/Cmk values, on the other hand, would indicate that it’s better to assign the tool to a non-critical application.

Once the tool is used on the production line, it becomes an important asset from the manufacturing process. A malfunctioning or an issue could influence the quality of the tightening process.

These issues can be identified by auditing the joints, but they can also be prevented oftentimes. Periodical SPC checks on the tool can show trends and help you replace a tool before it gets out of control.

When an issue is identified and the tool is removed from the production line to be serviced, it's important to take a moment to verify it. Another Cm/Cmk test would assess the quality of the adjustments made on it so that you can decide which application would now fit the tool.

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