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A new way to think about flexibility in assembly tools

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Powering the assembly tools of the future

The Power Focus 6000 introduces a multitude of innovative features, including its commonality with a wide range of Atlas Copco’s smart assembly tools, which are the most advanced on the market today. The virtual station concept is unique to the Power Focus 6000. It allows multiple tools to operate on one controller, as it replaces the traditional physical controller with a virtual one that operates independently; without the need for additional hardware.

Quality critical vs. safety critical

In the past, assembly tools and controller systems were classified by the types of applications they were suited for. For example, “quality critical” tools and controller systems were used for applications where a company’s brand could be compromised in the event of product failure.

Along with that, “safety critical” assembly tools and controller systems were used for applications where product failure could potentially result in physical harm to the end user. This classification system often resulted in a confusing mess of options for customers. It raised questions such as, “what type of system should I buy?” and “will it be future-proof if my needs ever change?” With the Power Focus 6000, Atlas Copco is changing the way our customers look at selecting the right tool for the job.PF6000_Blue

With the Power Focus 6000, a single platform can accommodate various levels of tooling for many different types of applications. How do we accomplish this?

The answer is in the software with our unique virtual station licenses. The ability to select a type of virtual station allows full flexibility in what tools you want to run.

What does this mean in the real world?

Imagine a manufacturer with a single Power Focus 6000 system is running multiple Tensor STB wireless-tools on safety-critical operations. Suddenly, it becomes necessary to implement a smart-reporting click wrench to verify torque in a quality-critical application at a nearby station on the assembly line. Previously, this would have required the purchase and installation of an entirely new controller in addition to the purchase of the click wrench itself.

With the Power Focus 6000, the same feat can now be achieved with a simple add-on virtual station license and no additional controller hardware. Implementation is as simple as selecting the appropriate virtual station type based on the desired functionality and connecting the tool to the existing controller

With the Power Focus 6000’s latest software advancements, customers can now mix and match virtual station types using a single controller. This is truly a flexible offering.

Want to learn more about what Atlas Copco can do for your flexibility in assembly? Contact us today for a demonstration!