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Atlas Copco air motors: A-Z

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Atlas Copco – the Home of Industrial Ideas – offers an extensive portfolio of air motors specifically designed for a multitude of industrial applications. For top performance in demanding applications, our air motor customers know our products help to set things in motion with air.

Read on to review Atlas Copco’s range of vane and gear air motors for industrial applications.

LZB – Vane motor


This is the most comprehensive range of air motors we offer. With the vast number of different gear versions, everyone is likely to find a motor that fits their applications. We offer the LZB in a standard version, with an aluminum body and in a stainless steel version for applications that expose the air motor to high moisture/water or corrosive substances.

LZL – Vane motor


Divided into 5 different sizes, LZL vane motors are strong, robust, and can be fitted with three different standard flanges (IEC, NEMA, and AC – or Atlas Copco standard).
Customers can choose the size that matches their application needs and then select the flange that will enable the easiest installation process.

PZB – Piston motor

The PZB range of piston air motors is energy efficient and has unique low speed and high starting torque features, which add value in many applications. The compact design and flange configurations make it easy to install. The PZB air motor is ATEX certified and operates without lubrication, which makes it ideal for white room and chemical applications, as well as automation and handling applications.

TZB – Turbine motor

The TZB air motor is a turbine motor that brings innovation and efficiency to tough applications. It’s geared for high torque applications and capable of maintaining stable speed under heavy loads. Compared to standard vane motors, the TZB turbine motor delivers 40% more power with the same air consumption and a lighter-weight design.

Atlas Copco air motors – including vane and gear motors – are an ideal solution for many applications in industries like food, chemical and pharmaceuticals, transportation, packaging, pipe processing and maintenance. Customized air motors enable the customers to get the motors that fit their applications well.

Interested in learning more? Contact Atlas Copco air motor specialists, or schedule a walk-through of your facility – a Walk the Line Tour – with our team.