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Atlas Copco's vision for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a growing buzzword in manufacturing plants across the world today, and it’s a buzzword used everywhere for good reason. As industry 4.0 manufacturing practices become more prevalent,

What is Industry 4.0?

The term industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, which we as a society are now entering. There are a few key aspects of this industrial revolution. Cyber-physical systems combine software and hardware in new and innovative ways.

These systems communicate not only with humans in their environment, but also directly with each other. They also generate massive amounts of data, which can be used to drive decisions and make manufacturing more efficient and error-proofed.

The concept of industry 4.0 is a big one, and the above description doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It’s also a concept bigger than the assembly processes that we deal with at Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems.

Within those assembly operations, however, we are able to support the vision of industry 4.0 with innovative and unique assembly tools. We call the bundle of products and services that support industry 4.0 Smart Connected Assembly.

Meet the Power Focus controller

Smart Connected Assembly from Atlas Copco has smart, flexible tools driven by our Power Focus controller at its foundation. The tools are interconnected, able to communicate with the environment around them and generate the data needed to make informed decisions for process improvement in assembly operations.

Atlas Copco software products, such as ToolsTalk 2ToolsNet, and QA Supervisor, provide powerful analytical tools to manipulate the data produced by our tooling, and our Service offering provides an extra layer of support to optimize tooling in processes and avoid unplanned downtime.

We’re looking forward to the exciting new future of industry 4.0 and Smart Connected Assembly. To learn more, contact us today. 

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