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Five good reasons to get started with Data-Driven Services – now!

6 minute(s) to read July 23, 2021

Join the Smart Factory revolution and use data to drive quality, process optimization, and maintenance.

Today, while all devices aim to collect as much data as possible, only a tiny percentage of the data is used to generate additional value. Yet it has been proved that production data offers major potential for achieving productivity gains and quality improvements… and these, in turn, positively impact operating costs.

By combining intelligent algorithms with the know-how of our joining technology experts, we provide recommendations for the continuous and sustainable optimization of your production processes. We call this approach Data-Driven Services (DDS).


Five good reasons why you should start using our Data-Driven Services now:

1) Set and adjust realistic goals

The first reason your company should be data-driven is that it will help you set realistic business goals. The insights you gain will allow you to define targets and develop strategies to reach your objectives. By trusting the data you can set achievable goals and, with the right insights, you will have the confidence to adjust and optimize them for the long term. 

2) Make the right decisions based on truthful information

We call it data-driven decisions. Data-driven insights are the solid foundation for decision-making processes. Usually, we make decisions based on our gut feeling and experiences, which can potentially cause biased choices. Data cannot lie: combining analysis with expert knowledge can empower accurate decision-making processes, helping you reach your business goals. 

3) Relax and sleep well, feeling good about your production quality

It’s never too early to worry about quality issues in your production. If you are not aware of the flaws in your production, you can never reach a point where you can fix them. Every minute of delay spent fixing the issues can cost you a fortune. Data-driven services help you track your production quality from day 1. When you utilize data-driven services, your line engineers, quality engineers. and team leaders are continuously notified as problems emerge. This speed of information can help your team make better choices, solving the issues without losing uptime. 

4) Empower innovation and optimization within your company

Even if you have spent considerable time ensuring that everything works, you may still struggle to react to urgent issues or red flags. Data-driven service solutions can provide real-time information and recommendations to improve production, such as operator training or process adjustments. Everyone in the company can have the means to innovate and generate new ideas thanks to real-time insights provided by data.

5) Improve people’s well-being and development in your workplace

Many believe that data can threaten our colleagues in production, but we think the opposite. Data-driven services help you and your team reduce work-related stress. This stress is frequently caused by pressure from trying to meet unrealistic targets, fixing unexpected quality issues, and frustration from not knowing how to increase performance. Following the data trends over time, managers can track and evaluate individual performance, pinpoint production risk areas, and initiate actions to resolve issues. People who are supported in their professional development and growth are, understandably, more satisfied and committed.

To help your transition toward Industry 4.0 and following the data-driven approach, we developed ALTURE®: Atlas Copco Data-Driven Service solutions. By combining advanced analytics with our experts’ know-how, ALTURE® data-driven services can support your maintenance while improving quality and optimizing production processes.

Discover an alternate future full of opportunities with ALTURE®. Find out how we can best support you!

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