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How the Atlas Copco Drilling Application Center goes beyond the drill

Did you know that Atlas Copco has an Application Center dedicated solely to drilling applications?

Located in Arlington, Texas is our Drilling Application Center, where customers have the opportunity to receive specialized support for their drilling solutions. As one of the only Drilling Application Centers in North America, we’re giving our customers an entirely new drilling facility experience.

At the Drilling Application Center, Atlas Copco is providing customers with the whole solution, and not just the drill. Here, we can perform a wide variety of different drilling application tests and provide full results. We can innovate new cutting tool solutions and optimize your processes. A dedicated Service team is ready to repair products, as well as support and train you and your operators to achieve maximum productivity and quality on the line.

LBP pistol drill with collet chuck, LBP16M in operator hand

Services offered

Advanced application testing

One of the most valuable services we can offer our customers at the Drilling Application Center are our drilling application tests. A thrust and torque test uses the latest drill dynamometer to observe tool performance under different load conditions. A thermal test can be performed to show the behavior of the heat generated during the drilling process while revealing how it affects hole quality. The cutting tools test examines drill bits of varying geometries provided by customers or partners. Following this test, we provide full, transparent results and reports, along with the most productive cutting tool solutions for each drilling application. And finally, our coolant system test allows us to test and use different cooling systems or lubrication options to find the perfect coolant system for your drilling needs.

Training and support

Atlas Copco’s drilling and industry expertise didn’t come to us overnight. It was garnered through years and years of collective experience. Our experience is a valuable resource and it can be utilized for process optimization, 3D modeling, custom design of accessories and fixtures, and more. We’re comprised of a knowledgeable Service team that can repair handheld drills, which include pneumatic and electric options, along with our Advanced Drilling Units, such as the PFD 1100 and the PFD 1500. A dedicated team of Engineers can provide your facility with training and other forms of support in order to provide you with the best possible drilling solution.

Pistol grip drill LBB application Bohrmaschine bei Ruag

Drilling solutions, no matter the industry

For drilling applications within virtually any industry, we encourage our customers to explore the benefits and values of our Drilling Application Center in Arlington, Texas. Here, we’ll optimize your processes, innovate new solutions that improve quality, productivity, and ergonomics, and perform a wide variety of advanced drilling application tests that can reveal valuable information when it comes to your assembly processes.

For more information about the Drilling Application Center, contact us today.

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