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Foreign object and debris elimination

Within aerospace manufacturing facilities, a common acronym many may recognize is FOD, or foreign object and debris (in some cases, the ‘D’ can stand for ‘damage’). Any loose object, substance, or particle that is out of place and has the potential to cause damage in the workspace is considered foreign object and debris.

FOD is a major safety concern and practices should be in place in order to prevent damage to equipment, injury to people in the facility, production delays, and a reduction in overall quality.

FOD can be something as minor as a forgotten bolt left out in the production area or something as major as loose hardware or pneumatic air hoses. For the sake of this article, we’ll be exploring foreign object and debris elimination and management by focusing on switching to cordless “smart” tools, thus eliminating the need for pneumatic air hoses in the production area.

Power focus offering Tensor STB card

Cordless freedom in aerospace production

Tensor STB nutrunners

Switching from pneumatic nutrunners to cordless nutrunners cuts the air hose element out of the picture. This clears space on the production floor and reduces the risk of injuries and foreign object and debris damage. Consider switching to the Tensor STB, a fast, transducerized battery powered tool developed for safety critical applications in cramped or large assembly areas.

On top of the Tensor STB’s unique fastening performance and advanced process control, this tool supports Industry 4.0 with full traceability and operator feedback capabilities. Without pesky air hoses following operators around and limiting their access, the tool eliminates safety concerns regarding FOD and allows operators the freedom of reaching places that they could not access previously.

BCP clutch screwdrivers

Another great cordless option offered by Atlas Copco is the BCP cordless screwdriver, a clutch screwdriver ideal for quality critical joints and applications. Though it’s not considered a “smart” tool, per say, the screwdriver does have limited feedback capability with LED for OK/NOK applications.

This tool eliminates the need for air hoses because it is battery powered and it allows for foreign objects and debris elimination. Ergonomics is taken to the next level for the BCP screwdriver, as the battery can be mounted in two directions, improving accessibility to previously inaccessible areas.

Power focus offering BCP-RE card

Hose reels for pneumatic tooling

For aerospace production applications that demand a pneumatic tool, take a look at Atlas Copco’s HM hose reels. These reels were developed to increase safety within the workplace by providing a place to hold the air hose, eliminating potential FOD concerns, and the risk of operators tripping on air hoses. Atlas Copco hose reels come in a wide range consisting of 12 different models. They’re also available in floor, wall, or ceiling mounting options and are able to fit all Atlas Copco tools.

Product image of hose reel HM Open for floor, wall or ceiling mounting

Tired of foreign objects and debris yet?

Foreign object debris and subsequent damage is a real risk that is worth investing in to prevent. Consider switching over to Atlas Copco’s Tensor STB cordless nutrunner, which also provides Industry 4.0 capabilities, to clear up air hose debris. Another great option is our BCP clutch screwdriver. For applications requiring a pneumatic tool, check out our HM hose reels to clear up air hoses on the production floor and allow for foreign object and debris elimination.

Got a question related to foreign objects or debris? Contact Atlas Copco today. 

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