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MWR-Kit vs. Focus 61: Pt. I

Deciding which solution is best for an application can be more challenging than anticipated at times.

A tough call

Deciding which solution is best for an application can be more challenging than anticipated at times. There’s much to consider with a decision like this. With the introduction of the MWR-Kit, there are now two options for using an MWR.

Being able to determine which option is better, for most circumstances, makes life a little easier.

Simultaneous multitasking

Sure, having six wrenches running at once is great and may save time on a particular job. But other times, only having two running simultaneously is enough.  

The Focus 61 allows the user to use two wrenches simultaneously – on one controller. Better yet, with the backup feature implemented into the Focus 61, the user can actively have an MWR programmed and ready to go with the same Pset as the primary wrench.

Still looking for more? Do you need more wrenches to work in a specific order? Rest assured that with the Focus 61, the user can also connect a total of 10 wrenches at a time and work through them in a sequence. Using a barcode scanner or open protocol, you can select specific jobs or Psets and utilize the wrenches in the order needed.

However, for any open protocol applications, it may be wise to first check with marketing and make sure it will work smoothly beforehand. As always, the experts are here to help.

Needed: mechatronics

Sometimes, all a user needs is to use is a Mechatronic wrench. And for most of these cases, the Focus 61 is the best candidate for the job (much pun intended). However, if there is an application that is a perfect fit for the MWR, and there is not currently a PF6000 being used – or the PF6000 isn’t on the most modern software – then the Focus 61 is ideal.

Why is it so ideal? The controller is small, has a range of 30 feet and makes sense to use if there isn’t a need for other battery tools within the same area.

When the job calls for MWR only, the Focus 61 has a solid resume to submit.

Doing what you need

Do you have an application that utilizes a barcode scan to start a job? Is there a Stacklight the customer relies on to give critical feedback to customers? What about sending simple OK/NOK signals via I/O for a tightening?

Good news: all of these features are available through the Focus 61. But, there’s more: all can be set up via TTBLM. Your Atlas Copco team can even go as far as setting up one of these accessories up for each station.

Main take-aways

Both the Focus 61 and MWR-Kit are dynamic solutions with different positions we’re able to configure to work best for our customers. Because, at the end of the day, analyzing what will work best for the user and devising and executing a plan from there is where our team’s top priority lies.

Contact Atlas Copco today if you have questions, or would like to arrange a Walk The Line Tour.

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