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The age of data in the quality department

A term that’s often thrown around when discussing Industry 4.0 is big data. We have systems that can collect data about virtually anything today. Mobile phones can show us maps with real-time info about traffic. Their navigation system can thus set routes according to the actual situation of the roads around us.

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Data in inspections

Today, we collect data in all of our quality inspections. As evidenced by past blogs – see “Cm/Cmk or SPC?” and “Quality beyond torque” – it’s clear there are multiple types of tools inspections we can run and we can also have quantitative or qualitative inspections.

All of these different inspections collect different types of data. Analyzing inspections in real-time is vital to make the right decisions. In the same way, it’s vital that a GPS system decides on one route over of another.

Traditional pen and paper methods are limited as they make data retrieval and analysis complicated if not impossible at all. Modern databases help us collect information and access them when we need. Wireless communication let our data collectors communicate with quality assurance databases almost in real-time.

This is how the Internet of Things can come to life in the quality department of a manufacturing plant.

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