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A different kind of emergency response

Atlas Copco employee helps dozens of families trapped by the east Australian floods

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Emergency response is part of our DNA at Atlas Copco Rental. So when our very own Chris Ward was called up to assist with the recent flooding emergency on Australia’s east coast, he didn’t hesitate to join fellow volunteers as part of the comprehensive rescue effort. The same goes for Chris’ team at Atlas Copco, who did everything they could to support him while safeguarding continuity of service for our customers. 

Largescale storm and flooding emergencies

Chris Ward during the rescue efforts

Chris Ward during the rescue mission

In addition to being a Sales representative with Atlas Copco Specialty Rental (Australia), Chris Ward doubles as a volunteer with the local State Emergency Service (SES), the agency dedicated to combatting flood, storm and tsunami events in Australia. They sprang into action during the major floods that hit large parts of the state of New South Wales on Australia’s east coast in March 2021. To put the scale of the emergency into perspective, primary response groups answered over 12,000 calls for urgent assistance and over 1,000 people were rescued after record-breaking rainfall caused havoc both inland and over 600 km of coastline.

“An army of volunteers”

flooding damages many houses in East Australia

Several houses were impacted by the flooding

Chris was one of hundreds of volunteers who answered the call to join the rescue effort. He was directly involved in helping dozens of families who were either cut off or suffered damage to their homes as a result of the flooding or severe weather. “It is amazing to see an army of volunteers from all types of organizations come together. But it is mind blowing to think of the difference that can be achieved with so many people,” said Chris who was part of a 24-hour rescue response group that helped carry out a large-scale evacuation of the worst affected areas.

Taking care of business

Chris was able to count on maximum support both from Atlas Copco and his fellow teammates, whose flexibility and enthusiasm left him free to help those most in need.

My senior management team was so supportive and proactive, giving me days off with no expectations or conditions so that I could assist throughout the emergency. My team also jumped straight in to cover my day-to-day requirements and ensure that our partners and clients still had their needs covered. A massive thank you to Atlas Copco and the team I am lucky to be a part of. You may not have been wearing orange, but you absolutely deserve recognition for the part you guys played!

Chris Ward , Sales representative with Atlas Copco Specialty Rental (Australia)

We’re incredibly proud of what Chris has done to help those affected by the floods. It’s commitment, enthusiasm, and determination such as his that makes a difference, not only for our customers but for the communities in which we live and work every day.

Watch Chris and other volunteers in action

damage by flood

The flooding impacted an extensive area

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