Boosting your balance sheet! How an efficient steam solution can save costs and capital.


When you mention rental, most people think of temporary solutions. And sure, we at Atlas Copco Rental are renowned for our emergency interventions! But sometimes it also makes good business sense to rent (part of) your base infrastructure, even over an extended period of time. Two recent steam projects clearly demonstrate the added value at both ends of the spectrum: on the one hand saving on the cost of downtime and on the other, boosting cashflow and agility. Whichever way you look at it, our service, equipment, and solutions add up to a healthier bottom line. With congrats to the Atlas Copco Rental team in Italy!

Emergency cross-border response

There are many elements in the equation in any emergency intervention. There’s matching the right equipment to the needs and constraints of the customer. There's being able to source that equipment at short notice (along with the right technicians to install and commission it). And now, in the contexts of a full Covid-19 lockdown, there’s guaranteeing the smooth passage of those goods and personnel across international borders. In the case of our customer in Italy – a chemicals plant in urgent need of a replacement boiler to avoid a full production stop – Sales Engineer Andrea Giorgi and his team in Italy coordinated with our nearby LTS site in France to ensure a rapid response. Within a matter of hours, the solution had been designed, dimensioned and dispatched, along with the relevant travel authorizations for the accompanying team of technicians. And less than 48 hours later, the required 6 ton/h steam boiler was up and running. Given the vital role of steam in the plant’s production, transformation and treatment processes, our fast and efficient intervention saved our customer a packet in lost production!

Long-term agile solution

The exact same solution was proposed for another customer in central Italy – a manufacturer of rubber hoses for the oil and gas industry. And while the request was not as urgent, it was no less pivotal to their commercial success! For the steam boiler forms a critical component in their product treatment process. But before deciding on whether to buy or rent this key piece of equipment, they asked Atlas Copco to perform an analysis and calculate its total cost of usership. So they in turn could determine the tipping point. In the final analysis, our rental solution’s increased agility and efficiency coupled with the decreased liability and capital expenditure tipped the scales in favor of renting.

There are many factors to take into account when calculating the total cost of usership of any piece of equipment. Many people typically associate purchasing with increased control. But that is not necessarily the case. Renting lets you shift the responsibility and liability for the uptime of process-critical equipment while avoiding the cost and administration of managing and maintaining inventory. Not to mention the benefits in terms of peace of mind!

Andrea Giorgi , Sales Engineer, Atlas Copco Rental Italy

Need your production online? Simply order online!

Coincidentally, both the above-mentioned requests were submitted to Atlas Copco online, via the website. The result? One rapid emergency solution and one long-term solution, but both exceeding expectations in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, speed of installation, ease of use, and of course bottom line!