Temporary steam solution bridging the gap while Bayer awaits delivery of new boilers… fully complying to the strict pharmaceutical standards!

Pharmaceutical company Bayer wanted to give a technological upgrade and increase the energy efficiency of its Sao Paulo (Brazil) plant. Since local support and spare parts for their old steam boilers were no longer easily available, this was the right moment to invest in two brand new steam boilers.

Once purchased, Bayer was notified that the delivery would not be before several months. In order to keep their production line going, the company searched for a partner that could provide a plug-and-play solution for the entire duration of this “in-between” period. The replacement boiler needed to comply with strict safety standards, as the plant is surrounded by a residential area. Bayer chose our steam boiler since it passed all rigorous requirements.

Safety first

At Bayer (Cancioneiro Plant) in Sao Paulo the steam provided by the boilers has a two-fold function: on the one hand it keeps the production process running and on the other hand, it controls the humidity level in the storage area preserving the finished pharmaceutical products. Bayer's main concern for this operation was safety, not only of its employees, but also of the residents in the adjacent neighbourhoods. For this reason, Bayer performed a Hazard and Operability analysis (HAZOP) on our steam boiler. This test is designed to detect safety issues and to mitigate risks. Atlas Copco Rental’s steam boiler complied with the strictest safety standards. Another safety factor we had to take into account was the noise level of the steam boiler. And there as well we checked the box!

Anticipating temperature & humidity drop

The design of the entire operation was complex. We had to be prepared for an unexpected drop of humidity levels. In the event of this happening, an entire batch of finished products would have to be discarded, resulting in substantial financial losses for Bayer. We also had to anticipate a possible decrease in temperature. For this, Bayer’s boiler had to heat the water to 90° the night before switching to the Atlas Copco Rental steam boiler. At the same time, our steam boiler had to be operational 18 hours before disconnecting Bayer’s boiler. Both actions are necessary to keep the temperature of the water in the boiler tank at 60° and thus to anticipate the expected temperature loss.

24/7 support

In addition to the steam boiler, we also supplied a customized borne panel to control 2 water pumps and a noise damper. We organized a Boiler Operations Standard training for our own operators, to educate them on how to safely operate the boiler. The training enabled our operators to fully support Bayer on a 24/7 basis during the entire maintenance operation.

Atlas Copco Rental was able to meet the customer’s most important demand: safety

Rafael Vieira, Product Manager Atlas Copco Rental Brazil: “Our plug-and-play steam boiler complies with the strictest safety standards that apply in the pharmaceutical sector. Bayer is even going to use this successful project as an internal case for their other installations all over the world.”

Atlas Copco Rental understood our needs and requirements, worked with us in a well-coordinated manner and delivered high-quality service throughout the project duration.

Samir Rodrigues , Engineer at Bayer Sao Paulo

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