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Battery Light Towers HiLight Z3+

The perfect choice for outdoor events. Zero emissions and Zero noise light tower

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Lithium Battery

+40% vs Diesel Engine

Lamp Durability

Heavy duty LED lamps IP 67: more than 30.000 hrs life expectancy


The HiLight Z3+ light tower provides a flexible lighting solution by allowing users to easily plug and play.

Environmentally Friendly

No liquids and add no emissions

3000 m² Light Coverage

Average 20 luxes

Transport Efficiency

Thanks to its compact dimensions, 22 units can be loaded on a 13m truck.

Zero emissions and Zero noise light tower!

Offering run times of up to 32 hours, an extended lifespan, minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the compact HiLight Z3+ is powered by lithium-ion batteries and provides enhanced illumination for metropolitan construction sites, outdoor events and industrial areas. Zero noise during operation and the absence of engine emissions ensure full environmental compliance in urban locations.


The enhanced performance of the HiLight Z3+ light tower stems from its use of lithium-ion battery technology. In comparison to lead-acid and gel battery types, it offers up to 20 per cent more DoD (Depth of Discharge), three times more energy density and a lifetime of 6,000 cycles; equivalent to 6 times more than alternative technologies. Furthermore, the light tower’s charging time, directly from auxiliary, grid or portable generator supply units is just 6 hours for the standard Z3+ unit.

High luminosity

The HiLight Z3+ features a high luminosity lamp assembly comprised of 4 x 160 W LEDs, with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Combined with specially designed directional glass optics, the floodlights provide optimal light distribution over a 3000 m2 illumination area. The LED lighting units are supported by a hydraulically elevated vertical mast, certified wind-stable up to 80 km/h, with a maximum operating height of 8 m.


Capable of operating within a temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees C, the Z3+ has been designed with portability and transportation efficiency in mind. The compact dimensions of the light tower, which measures 1160 x 1160 x 2500 mm, allow up to 22 units to be accommodated on a 13-metre truck. All-weather protection is provided by a galvanised steel canopy and powder coated paintwork.

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