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Mobile Diesel Generators - specialised rental

The power of connectivity: the QAS range, rental power from 14 to 630kVA

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2 MVA in less than 1 hour

It takes just 60 minutes to install a 2 MVA modular power plant, with four QAS 500 in parallel. This is the perfect solution to adapt the power to the application load variations.



Choose between 15 models to find the mobile diesel generator that fits your requirements


All it takes to install 2MVA


Mobile diesel generators up to this size

Fifteen rental power generator models available

From 14 till 630 kVA.

Efficient power

QAS diesel generators can easily be connected in parallel and adapted to the different power loads.

Compact frame

Specifically designed for Rental applications, QAS prime power generators provide more rental power for the same footprint.

The ideal power generator solution for rental companies

rental power generator Row of QAS portable diesel generators for rental applications, mobile diesel generators

QAS generators working in parallel

To meet the frequent moving and multi-drop needs of the rental business, the QAS range facilitates easy transportation, installation and storage with its small dimensions, balanced weight and strong base frame with forklift slots.

Designed for service

Serviceability is a top priority in our product design and customer validation process. Large doors and removable service plates ensure superior accessibility and quick maintenance. Heavy duty filtration systems allow for long service intervals to further reduce downtime for your prime power generator.

Controls optimize your fuel consumption

The QAS mobile generator features a controller equipped with a Power Management System that enables the optimisation of fuel consumption and expands the lifetime of generators when they are working in parallel to form a mobile or independent power plant.

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Product variations

QAS14 ; QAS20 ; QAS30 ; QAS40 ; QAS60 ; QAS80 ; QAS100 ; QAS125 ; QAS150 ; QAS200 ; QAS250 ; QAS325 ; QAS400 ; QAS500 ; QAS630 .