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Productive assembly lines demand efficient operators.

New Selector 6!

Selector 6 Series is designed to give you a perfect Error Proofing solution with outstanding mobility and connectivity. It will improve your productivity and operator ergonomics with increased uptime, reduction in energy consumption and defects as well as ease of installation.
Connect the Selector 6 Series wirelessly using the same battery as your Atlas Copco tools, it gives outstanding operating time

Selector 6 is a key part of Atlas Copco Smart Connected Assembly - supporting Industry 4.0 to make Smart Factory a reality.

Productive assembly lines demand efficient operators. These should be supported with appropriate tools providing feedback for all actions. This will save time changing program settings and when performing reworkings in station. Socket and bit selectors minimize the risk of errors relating to product diversity by automatically selecting correct torque according to the socket or bit selected.

Increased Uptime: Fast to install and with a buffer battery keeping the connection during battery change. With a RBU carrying all settings, allowing fast swap if selector is down.

Human Interaction: The Selector is easily installed and placed wherever needed. Wireless communication and battery power supply enables cable free installations. Easy installation and mobility in your hand.

Discover more about Smart Connected Assembly and our new generations of socket selector in this video, click here

Download the Selector 6 Series leafleat

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