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RRD37 Chipping Hammer

Unique vibration damping reduces exposure and keeps productivity high


The RRD37 Chipping Hammer is light, quiet and has a long service life making it ideal for all material removal tasks in foundries, engineering workshops, shipyards and in the construction industry. The tool comes with a light alloy casing, is vibration damped with very low vibration values as a result and piped away exhaust. Its built-in ergonomic features reduce the load on the user and help to protect the operator against ill effects of long-term vibration exposure.


  • Unique vibration damping system
  • Light alloy casing
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Low noise level
  • Includes standard ISO chisel


  • Reduced exposure to vibration
  • Low weight
  • Reduced stress on operator
  • Reduced exposure to noise
  • Ready to use

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  • Blows : 35 Hz
  • Weight : 3 kg
  • Weight : 6.6 lb