original spare parts for air compressors

Is your compressor suffering in silence?

Your state of the art compressor deserves only the best: protect your investment in a premium product by matching its quality with genuine OEM replacement parts fitted by manufacturer approved engineers.

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Industry survey results indicate that over 30 per cent of compressor owners rely upon third party service providers to maintain their equipment, which can include providing relatively cheaper, non-genuine spare parts, ranging from filters and lubricants to electric motors and compressor elements.

So, what can go wrong?

In short, your compressor may be suffering in silence. In the long term, non-genuine spare parts, including lubricants, can be creating unseen damage to machinery, surreptitiously diminishing efficiency or, worse still, affecting process air purity which in turn might result in end-product quality issues. The impact may not be immediate, although the effect on total lifecycle costs can be massive.

Keep your compressor running as new, right up to its retirement age!

The simple truth is that only by using original spare parts can a compressor’s designed performance and efficiency be maintained for years of operation at the same level as when it was purchased. In that way, investment is not compromised and neither is the compressor’s quality output.

25% lower SER

Up to 25% lower Specific Energy Requirement (SER) when you use original parts

24/7 service support

Our factory trained service engineers are available anytime to ensure your peace of mind

100% guarantee

Genuine spare parts also come with a guarantee against any fault. Ensuring reliability of the equipment is crucial for our and your business

Guaranteed performance

Original compressor parts uphold the integrity of your compressed air system, ensuring its optimal performance and maximum uptime.

Improved energy efficiency

Using genuine parts and replacing them regularly extend the life of your compressor and minimise the average pressure drop to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

Ireland nationwide delivery

The continuity of your production process can only by guaranteed when the quality spare parts arrive at the right place and the right time. We deliver parts anywhere within Ireland.

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