Atlas Copco can service air compressors of any brand

Instead of servicing Atlas Copco equipment only, we can take care of all the compressors and air treatment equipment in a compressor room. Not just the Atlas Copco products but other brands as well!

service all air compressors

Atlas Copco’s compressors, dryers and accessories reliably deliver high quality compressed air, while our expert service packages ensure optimal cost efficiency and uptime of our customers’ installations. In many cases however, our compressors are standing side by side with equipment from other brands. These machines need service too.

For the compressor user, sourcing maintenance from various suppliers can be a hassle: extra administration, complicated planning and possibly more downtime. That’s why Atlas Copco offers to take care of all your service needs.

Our approach is to treat every piece of equipment with the same care. By aligning the preventive maintenance schedules for Atlas Copco and other equipment, we provide a streamlined package, minimising administration and planning. This results in maximum availability of our customers’ compressed air systems. We assure the reliability of the entire compressed air installation, as well as the quality of the compressed air. In short, we can make life easier, as a single source service provider for an entire compressed air system.

Including other brands in our service offering doesn't mean we are taking shortcuts. We respect the differences and take the requirements of each piece of equipment seriously.
Our skilled service engineers follow the maintenance recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer. They use the parts and service items that provide the required quality and meet the specifications of each machine. We can even source genuine spare parts for other brands of compressor from the original manufacturer.

Training, experience and an extensive technical support network enables Atlas Copco engineers to offer service according to the same high standards as they do for Atlas Copco machine.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of our single service offer?

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