Two in one

Handles both surface vibration and leveling simply by rotating the drive unit through 90 degrees

Deep vibration

The vibration provides in-depth action down to
200 mm

Durable and easy

Made of non-corrosive aluminum alloy for low weight and easy handling and transportation

Double vibrating screeds

Our double screed is popular thanks to in-depth action down to 200 mm, paired with smart solutions such as the ability to rotate the vibrating unit 90 degrees for both surface vibration and leveling.

The double screeds are prefectly balanced to achieve even floors. The optional high profile makes them even steadier. Tensioning rods allow the screeds to camber in order to compensate for negative flexion. They are a perfect match to your talent.

Vibrating units

Choose from petrol and electric motors. The electric motor can power all screed models and the petrol engine powers screeds from 3.2 to 7.2 meters. Screed profiles for petrol and electric versions are interchangeable.

Technical specifications

Vibrating beams

Vibrating units

*Vibration value measured at the rope handle which is connected via a rope to the beam


For BD beams