Dynapac PL1000

Compact cold planer

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Quick-exchange system

With a wide side cover on the milling chamber, the side-mounted milling drums on all Dynapac compact planers can be quickly and easily exchanged. Fine milling drums, as well as a cutting wheel (PL500), are available for varied applications. As a result, these planers are ready for operation on the most diverse jobs, providing a clear advantage in terms of flexibility and reduced costs.

Stable chassis leg

Dynapac has designed a robust, square profile for the chassis legs for compact planers starting at 500 mm milling widths. For further stabilization, the square profile has been rotated by 45° in order to increase the strength once again. In comparison to round pipes, this design achieves remarkably increased longevity. Nevertheless, should tolerances arise at some point due to wear and tear, the wear plates are easily adjustable.

Easy level leveling system

The optional Dynapac Easy Leveling system - the name says it all. Easy Level guarantees an easy operation of the most essential requirements in daily milling operations.

Product description

Powerful, highly manoeuvrable, hydraulically powered compact planer with mechanically driven cutting drum. The Dynapac PL1000 is a four wheel drive unit with oil flow divider and a complete quick release rear loading system. The planer has been developed for cost effective removing of road pavements on medium and larger job sites up to a cutting depth of 300 mm at a working width of 1000 mm.

Technical data


Transport mass

12,400 kg

Operating mass

13,100 kg

Max. operating mass

15,000 kg
Cutting section
Working performance
Tank capacities