Oil-free air compressors

Oil-free air compressors specifically developed for your applications where air quality is essential for your end-product and production processes

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How does Oil-Free Air work?

Make decades of experience work for all your critical applications. Find the right oil free compressor - ordered from small to big maximum working pressure.

Oil-free for your critical applications

Make decades of experience in delivering oil-free compressed air in a wide range of applications work for you.

  • automotive
    high quality paint finishes, smooth running processes, better health
  • food & beverage
    healthy, better tasting high-quality end products
  • chemical
    increased product purity, better processes, less waste, increased safety
  • electronics
    uninterrupted control systems and maintenance of the ultra-clean conditions essential to high product quality
  • oil & gas
    trouble-free control systems and processes, upgraded safety, security and a higher quality end product 
  • textiles
    more efficient production, reduced repair and maintenance costs, improved textile quality, less wastage 
  • pharmaceuticals
    pure products, reducing contamination risks, more efficient processes, decreased waste

How we make oil-free compressors work for you

Decades of experience

For over 60 years we have pioneered many new developments in oil-free air technology and became the first manufacturer to be awarded ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification

Smart AIR Solutions

Get an optimal solutions from our wide range of compression and drying technologies. Work with the air quality you need at the lowest operating cost. Compressors, dryers, filters, controllers, energy recovery. All fully optimized to work better together

Quality Assured

OHSAS 18001 - ISO 9001 - ISO14001 - ISO8573-1 CLASS 0. ISO 22000 certification for the oil-free production facility in Antwerp which applies to all our Z range oil-free air compressors. We design and build our products to the highest standards to ensure your total satisfaction

Environmentally friendly

We are committed to sustainable productivity. We deliver clean air and create less waste compared to oil lubricated compressors. You’ll need less oil and filter elements to dispose of after maintenance

Lower operating costs

From our customers we have learnt about the need to keep operating costs as low as possible. Our innovation has resulted in some of the most energy efficient products in the market, keeping energy costs low. Our commitment to your productivity has resulted in longer class leading service intervals with superior reliability