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Bolting solutions

We are experts in all controlled bolting techniques. We deliver innovative solutions that improve our customers' processes. We offer the best solution for each application.

Our Vision

We provide the safest, smartest and most productive bolting solutions, so that our customers can maximise process security, minimise human and operational risk and reduce their total costs.

Supporting the energy transition

The energy sector is undergoing huge change. Not only is there a transition from fossil fuel sources to clean renewable sources, but all energy sector operations need to increase productivity and reduced costs to remain competitive. This is driving demand for smart bolting solutions that can increase operational efficiency in areas such as faster process times, less bolted joint failures, and optimized service costs. Here at Atlas Copco we are developing innovative new solutions that are enabling Industry 4.0 to be applied not only in the factory, but also in the field.

Smart connected bolting

Innovative new bolting solutions and technology that support the implementation of industry 4.0, not only in the factory, but also in the field.


Why Smart Connected Bolting is important for you

If the process control and documentation capability used in production facilities today were to be deployed in the operations and maintenance environment, this would have significant positive impact for OEM’s, contractors in the energy industry as a whole relating to higher quality delivered work, cost reduction, and improved operational efficiency.

This was not possible in the past, however the new availability of mobile connectivity, cloud and smart devices are enablers that make this very much a reality today. The availability of these solutions now make it possible to take the “smart factory” into the field based, operational, work environment.

In order to have a truly connected and efficient system it is critical that all bolting technologies (hydraulic torque, bolt tensioning, continuous rotation) have one common user interface, both for operational process control and analysis and traceability of data. This is what we call Smart Connected Bolting by Atlas Copco.

Our vision for the wind industry

The wind industry is rapidly changing, with the demand for greener energy becoming all the more important by the day. This will lead to more wind farms being constructed along with bigger turbines, meaning potentially bigger bolts on critical applications.


Safety and speed are two important factors in the wind industry, as operators are often working in extreme environments at heights. With construction equipment being so expensive it’s important that the turbines are installed in good time – Atlas Copco’s tools help achieve both safety and speed.


To achieve these goals, we develop smart bolting solutions to help operators in their application processes. Making tools quicker, safer and smarter, we enable companies to operate in a more efficient way with full data traceability, taking the smart factory to the field.



We serve customers in all stages of the process

wind energy OEMS


We work closely with OEM's to deliver the best bolting solutions they need for their proceses. Having a close relationship and understand their processes are key to delivering correct bolting solution.

Dutch construction site new wind turbine farm in Zeewolde with wings ready to install

Wind turbine assembly

We have extensive experience in supplying tools for wind turbine assembly globally. From off the shelf tools to customized solutions, we have a bolting solution for your application.

Inspection engineers preparing to rappel down a rotor blade of a wind turbine in a North German wind farm on a clear day with blue sky.

Wind turbine service

A critical part of wind turbines life cycle, which needs to be completed efficiently. We can deliver tools which speed up your service processes and give you the data to ensure the job was done correctly.

Bolting solutions

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