Slipping Wrench SWR
SWR-30 product photo
The torque wrenches in the SWR series are able to slip once the pre-set torque value is reached. The camover mechanism avoids over-tightening, increasing the reliability in SWR wrenches, making them ideal for assembly lines. Country of origin is TW. Customs tariff is 82041100

Technical Specifications

Torque range max
30 Nm
Torque range min
5 Nm
Design & Functions
Slipping wrench
SWR-30 product photo


8439 0043 00


High process reliability
Eliminates joints overloads
Superior quality
Savings with standard sockets


Camover mechanism avoids over-tightening
Overloading of the wrench itself is avoided
Easy and safe adjusting and handling
Standard sockets
Robust construction